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Welcome to Higherhealings

with DJ Mabbs — Pranic Healer, Medical Intuitive, & Reiki Master

Helping You Heal & Grow On Your Life’s Journey

Personal Healing Sessions

Personal 1-hour healing sessions with DJ. Remote or in person.

Auric Healing Classes

DJ’s next class is on January 12 &13, 2019 in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Yes to VIBRANT HEALTH

Wanting to take the next step in your healing evolution? Whether you want a one-on-one session, or would like to learn how to do Auric Healing yourself, DJ is here to help you achieve your highest intentions.

Do you have physical or emotional pain?

Are you unaware of the spiritual, etheric forces at play in your life?

Do you yearn for healing but feel stuck?

Do you need spiritual guidance along your life's journey?

Healing Services

Auric Healing Sessions

Cleanse, balance, energize and protect the auric field and chakra system. 1 – 2 hours, $65/session. Barter & sliding fee also

Crystal Grid Healing

A healing grid created to send you healing energy—$60, Barter & sliding fee also

Spiritual Life Coaching

With DJ’s understanding of the etheric field and how to work with energy, she can help guide you on all levels in the healing of your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual self. $40/hour. Barter and sliding fee also.

Auric Healing Classes

Over a 2-day weekend, learn auric healing for yourself! Cleanse, balance, energize and protect the auric field and chakra system. $220 or barter.

What Is Auric Healing?

Auric Healing is an energy modality that DJ has used and developed over 20 years of experience, working on herself and others. Connecting with your Divine light and working with your guides, teachers and angels, DJ works with these energies to cleanse, decord, heal, balance and protect your chakras and all the energies which live within your aura, bringing you into higher alignment and balance, from which your body can more easily shift into health on the physical level.

Who Is Auric Healing For?

Everyone benefits from Auric healing, whether it be a small issue such as a cut, or a larger emotional, spiritual, or physical health issue. DJ teaches how important it is to make these healings unique to you and teaches the importance of following YOUR own unique gut feeling, and following your unique connection with the Divine. Some call it God, Higher Power, Jehovah, Buddha, and so many other names. There is nothing DJ does that anybody can’t learn.


DJ has an uncanny sense of just what you need to heal. Her intuition is unparalleled and her compassion is endless. I’ve been working with her for years and I know in my heart that she is meant for this work.

She is practical in her recommendations and yet can journey into the root causes of pain to facilitate healing.

She uses a vast array of techniques to bring about you face to face with what is holding you back and does so in such a loving way, it’s hard to not give this woman a hug.

She is an endless source of light and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Joey P.

DJ’s class has helped me significantly with refining my senses while doing body work, most particularly with extra sensory perceptions. In large part, this has to do with her innate ability to track energy, watch it move and monitor what is happening. It was so nice to hear her feedback and learn these subtle vibes in a more tangible way. I see how this can benefit everyone, healers and otherwise alike. Thank you so much for offering and sharing your gifts, beautiful DJ.

Aanya S.

I highly recommend DJ’s Auric Healing class! DJ is an excellent teacher, and what I found most valuable, is that when I had uncertainties or insecurities as to whether I was “doing anything effective” in terms of energy healing, or feeling what I should be feeling, DJ had the ability to “see” and “feel” what I was doing in the moment, and either reassure me to keep going and tell me what was happening, or redirect me with insight as to how to switch gears or try something different. The one-on-one attention was so insightful, I have never had anybody direct me in the moment like this. It’s so helpful when I can’t see the energy myself. Thank you DJ!!

Katie M.

Trade and Barter Opportunities

Do you love barter or exchange services? DJ honors various types of exchange and recognizes the unique Divine guidance we all follow. Let’s share some experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. Please send a message to DJ if interested in this type of exchange.

Our next Auric Healing class is in Depoe Bay, Oregon on January 12-13, 2019.

Auric healing is a method to cleanse, heal, balance and protect our etheric field. DJ teaches how to see and feel energy and work with it to balance and maintain a healthy, vibrant body.

The etheric body is made up of our inner and outer auras. Within these we have chakras and meridians, health rays, a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental body, and much more. It’s all about energy in here and how we function within it. I have learned we can heal just about anything if we learn how to work with it. It amazes me every time!

DJ believes and teaches that one of the most important gifts we have is our intuition. Our unique intuition. She teaches you to go with your gut instincts when it comes to healing, which is our moral compass. She doesn’t tell you how to do it–she comes behind you and feels what energy you’re feeling to see if its working like you are thinking it is. Example–you just cleaned out the lower vibrational energies in the sloar plexus… DJ can you check it? Then DJ will step in and check. This gives us the feedback we need to trust what we are doing is working.

In this class, DJ shares what she has learned and works for her. Her hope is you can learn what works for you. Let’s share our experiences, strengths and hopes with each other and learn to be happier, healthier humans. We are all student and teacher and learn from sharing.

$220 for two days (or contact to trade/barter).

About DJ Mabbs

DJ Mabbs is a master energy healer, medical intuitive, and teacher who specializes in reiki, pranic and auric healing. She has a passion and deep knowing that her purpose is to assist the healing process in others and the Earth. DJ’s extensive experience ranges from healing minor cuts to assisting those who are facing life-threatening physical and emotional illnesses. She also creates plant and stone medicines to cleanse negative energies and thought patterns in ourselves and our environment. With 18 years experience as a healer, DJ provides long-distant healing sessions and is available on an ‘as needed’ basis. Along with either 30 or 60-minute Medical Intuitive sessions, she offers 60-minute Energy Healing sessions, which are tailored to an individual’s specific needs. A monthly package is available for those who wish to have a regular, weekly tune ups. Sliding-scale prices or barter is available for those in need. DJ is dedicated to relieving the pain we all encounter on Earth.

Send DJ a message to book your appointment, sign up for a class, or to simply ask a question!